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In the 21st century we’ve got more freedom – we’ve got free expression, free speech, freed movement. Sophisticated technologies provide us with high speed and great power to easy move to any point of Globe and to easy spread our words and feelings worldwide. And what happened to our consciousness? Is it also free?

As life states that collective consciousness is far behind high technologies; and however hard we are trying to be free in our way forward, only security awareness can provide our real freedom.

The Association “AEROGUARD” was set up to accumulate international best security practice for sharing with people realizing the professional security need for their own freedom, and calm, and stability as a result.

AEROGUARD is always open to those who need help and safety, to those who are ready to become members of our team.

Welcome to AEROGUARD!

Vladimir Karyakin
President of the Association AEROGUARD